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rated going up 2 percentage points. >> i think what is going to drive it is a return to some energy in in the housing market. we're starting to see that, higher prices and march more sales. i believe we're going to see as a result what is happening in washington, d.c. an awareness. republicans have surely learned a licenses. this president has learned a. >> think he is going take it to the limit. think that is what he is going to do. he is doesn't care about public opinion any more and he is going to take as much money from lou dobbs as he can get. in the process, because i'm very worried about a reversal people and small business owners they will cut payroll and cut back and unemployment goes up. wealthier people on the bubble. we're not talking about people with billions of dollars, maybe i'm not going to buy that big car because now i'm paying more to the feds. i'm not so sure this is right way to go economically in this country. you are much smarter in these areas. >> we have to agree on something. the reality we're going to to see this money returned to the american middle-clas
to school. nathan. tadpole. and help ensure a constant supply of clean energy. the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly seval months. so, if the duc isn't able to work, ow will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about gas and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubt he'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the aflac duck a get-well card at getwellduck.com. >> bill: personal story segment tonight. the "new york post" reporting that some welfare recipients in new york state have accessed their benefits in strip clubs. the post filed a freedom of information act request to find out where cash withdrawals were being made by welfare recipients. there is a bill that would make withdrawing money from certain entertainment facilities illegal. wit
about...by the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> the tip of the day. your choice for a dinner companion. and first from florida. the right wing media taking shot at al gore's movie "an inconvenient truth", he was right. i'm an agnostic on global warming and bullish on a clean planet. i didn't run al gore down on that, but the al-jazeera deal is wrong in every day. and zack, from florida, apologize to portly people, gore puts the hippo in hypocrisy. and from austin, texas, why can't the fcc stop the gore deal? fcc has no authority over cable, because you buy it. only network programming is free under the federal jurisdiction. jason, singapore, watch a number of news programs on a number of networks, al-jazeera being one of them. viewers should be allowed to make their own decisions, they are. mitt romney did what gore did the left would have scorched him for predatory capitalism. valerie, charlotte, north carolina, you don't get it. fawning over beautiful women by brent musburger
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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